10 Winter Emergency Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Car

A snow fall can be one of the prettiest sights during winter months. But it can also be the greatest cause of emergencies when heavy snow is mixed with ice, wind, and frigid temperatures!

Check out our list of the top ten emergency items to include in your car this winter.

1. A Blanket to Prevent Hypothermia

Your mom’s nagging reminder to keep a blanket in your car is actually one of the smartest things you can include in your car.

When the weather makes driving dangerous and you find yourself in a ditch, awaiting help, you are exposed to long periods of time in the cold winter air. A blanket can help prevent hypothermia while awaiting that friend or tow truck.

2. Collapsible Shovel to Dig Out of A Drift

Lifeline collapsible shovel
Lifeline 4004 Collapsible Shovel. Image Source: Amazon.com

When the forecast calls for heavy snow and you find yourself have to be out in it anyway, a collapsible shovel can become a lifesaver! Compact enough to fit in your car, these style of shovels work great when you have to dig your car out after a snowstorm or if you find yourself stuck in a drift!

3. Bag of Sand or Cat Litter for Traction

Top view of an opened bag of ground clay cat litter isolated on a white background.

It may sound silly to be carrying around a bag of sand or cat litter in your car. But when you get stuck in the snow and have wheels spinning with no traction, the choice to include this item a game-changer.

Pour sand or cat litter on the snow just behind or in front of the stuck car to provide needed traction.

4. Metal Water Bottle

Too many winter news stories tell the tale of drivers stuck out in traffic for hours or even days when interstates or highways become snow-packed, preventing passage.  

In extreme temperatures, your body needs to stay hydrated to keep your organs functioning. Keep a water bottle with you on any wintertime travel.

A metal water bottle also allows you to use it over a fire to heat the water if needed. Or melt snow when the water runs out. It can be the difference.

5. Jumper Cables

Older cars are notorious for refusing to start in cold temperatures. Don’t find yourself stranded in a parking lot or at work.

Keep jumper cables on hand to get a jump from a bystander and friendly coworker.

6. Power Bank Charger for Cell Phones

RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Radio/Power Bank
 RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered Radio/Flashlight/Power Bank. Source: Amazon.com

The days of needing to for help or rely on bystanders on the road to help are now fading thanks to the cell phones, which allow you to immediately call for help.

But your cell phone is of no use if it’s dead. Always keep a charged power bank charger in your car to give your phone a boost during an emergency. Power bank not fully charged? Consider a crank-powered bank that can be charged anywhere!

7. First Aid Kit

Be ready for winter-related accidents or minor emergencies by keeping a fully stocked first aid kit in your car. Or better yet, stash one of our On the Go bags in your car and equip yourself with not only a first aid kit, but a fire extinguisher, AED, and bleeding control kit!

8. Pocket Hand Warmers

Hothands pocket handwarmers
Source: Amazon.com

Keep air-activated hand warmers in your car to provide needed heat in frigid temperatures. Brands like HotHands and LittleWarmies provide up to 10 hours of heat.

9. Ice Scraper

Another staple item for your emergency kit, always keep an ice scraper in your car to clear your windshield for safe driving.

10. Flashlight

Stash a flashlight in your glove compartment for emergencies at night!

What’s Next?

Once you have all of your items, make sure you have a nice sized bag to store all of your emergency items in or create a box that sits in your trunk! When a winter disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you thought ahead!