home with first aid cabinets

3 Places to Keep First Aid Cabinets in Your Home

Chances are, your medicine cabinet is sitting over your sink in your bathroom. Home to toothbrushes, various prescription medications, and bandages, these catch-all locations provide easy access to the most frequently accessed medical items in your home. No matter how traditional the medicine cabinet is, it is not necessarily the best place to keep a first aid cabinet. How many times do you hurt yourself in the kitchen, garage or family room only to have to walk to the bathroom to find a bandage? What if there was a real emergency? Would you know where to go to find your fire extinguisher? Your complete first aid kit? What about a home Automated External Defibrillator (AED)? Perhaps it is time to consider placing a first aid cabinet in these locations throughout your home.

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1. The Garage

Not only is the garage home to the most caustic chemicals found in your home, but it is also the location where serious injury or accident is likely to occur. Between power tools and general household clutter, having a first aid cabinet in the garage not only gives you an accessible first aid kit, but the best cabinets also include a fire extinguisher for those home improvement projects that get a little out of hand. Best of all, should the need arise outside, having first aid equipment in the garage will enable you to take care of minor wounds, cuts or scrapes without tracking dirt or mud throughout the house.

2. The Kitchen

Between kitchen knives and the stove, minor injuries are an accepted part of working in the kitchen. Known as “the heart of the home” the kitchen is also where people tend to congregate the most. Combine this with the fact that ranges and cooktops accounted for 62% of home fire incidents and the need for more than just bandages and antiseptic ointment becomes more apparent. Stainable, paintable first aid cabinets provide a seamless appearance within the context of your existing kitchen, giving you the assurance of a fully-equipped first aid kit and fire extinguisher without having to search for either in an emergency.

3. The Family Room

Between watching TV, playing games, and hanging out, the family room is the place where the inhabitants of your home spend most of their time. While the dangers of the family room are limited to eye strain from excessive amounts of screen time, the likelihood of having an incident that requires significant medical attention increases with the amount of time you spend in one location. Should someone experience a cardiac event, having an in-home AED in the family room may be the difference between life and death. In fact, immediate use of an AED can more than double the chance of a heart attack victim’s survival. While an in-home AED may seem unnecessary, having a first aid cabinet in your family room that includes this essential item may save your life or the life of a loved one.

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