How to stay safe; 4th of july

4th of July Safety Guide

How to have a safe (& fun) Independence Day celebration!

Independence Day is just a few days away! While celebrations may look different this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy time with family or a small gathering of friends. To help make it safe and fun for everyone, we’ve gathered the best safety tips to ensure it’s the best 4th of July yet!

Hand holding lit sparkler in front of the American Flag for 4th of July celebration


4th of July celebrations would not be complete with sticks of sparklers! Ensure precautions are taken when using them in your backyard or wherever you find yourself this year!

  • One at Time: Use caution and light just one sparkler at a time to prevent potential burns
  • Lighting: Always hand someone an unlit sparkler and then lit it; never give someone a lighted sparkler.
  • Handling: Keep sparklers out at arm’s length when lit, and always remain standing. Don’t hold a child in your arms while also holding a lit sparkler. Wear closed toe shoes to prevent accidental burns.
  • Extinguishing: Keep a bucket of water near by to drop used sparklers in to ensure it has fully gone out. Leave in bucket to cool off before disposing as sticks can often remain hot even after flame has gone out.

Source: National Fireworks Safety Council

COVID-19 Precautions

Across the nation, states are taking different approaches to reopening in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to help make celebrations safe if your area is reopening.

  • Physical Distance: Maintain a physical distance of six feet from others, especially if you are at high risk for serious complications from COVID-19.
  • Gather in Small Groups: If you are planning a cook-out or gathering with friends, keep the number small to lower potential exposure. Follow local recommendations based on the spread of the virus in your area.
  • Masks: If your celebrations take you to the public setting, protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask. Spread some festive cheer and consider a red, white, and blue mask!
  • Stay Home: If you are not feeling well or were potentially exposed to the virus, stay home and keep others safe.   

Source: American Red Cross

Grill, american flag


It wouldn’t be Independence Day weekend without grilling out! Follow these tips for a safe grilling experience for everyone in attendance.

  • Pre-Checks: Before the big day, check your gas grill hoses for any leaks, cracks, or holes. Repair as needed.
  • Location: Always keep your grill at least two feet away from overhanging tree branches, decks, house siding, and anything else that can easily catch fire
  • Keep it Outdoors: Getting rained out? It’s best to forego grilling than to attempt an indoor location. Never grill inside, in the garage, or in an enclosed area. Be mindful of surfaces that may be susceptible to catching on fire.
  • Charcoal Grilling: If coals are already lit, do not add charcoal starter fluid.
  • Keep pets and children away from grilling area

Golden firework on black background


Many firework shows have been cancelled across the country, but that doesn’t stop home firework shows from taking place. There are over 50,00 accidental fires caused by fireworks each year. If fireworks are legal in your area, follow these tips to keep them bright in the air and not on the ground.

  • Location: Use an open, dry, and fire-resistant area to light fireworks.
  • Eye Protection: Ensure the person lighting the fireworks wears proper eye protection
  • Lighting: Do not light more than one firework at a time. It’s best to keep control of the situation instead of letting it get out of hand.
  • Never Relight: If a firework malfunctions, DO NOT RELIGHT! Soak in water and dispose.
  • Precaution: Always keep a small fire extinguisher nearby

Source: ADT

Practice safety this 4th of July and enjoy the celebrations!