5 easy ways you can champion the Sudden Cardiac Arrest cause

5 Ways To Champion The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Cause | #WhyItMatters

Eighteen names. Eighteen lives forever changed. One medical crisis between them. A choice to make.

As we come to the close of our #WhyItMatters series, we are so humbled and honored to have the opportunity to share these unique stories with you of why the Sudden Cardiac Arrest crisis matters through our foundation features. Each story has placed a name and face behind the statistics, and spotlighted the work being done by those most affected. All so that people like you can know why it all matters.

The choice is now yours to make.

What will you do this information?  What change will you make?

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. Even if you do not know someone personally affect by Sudden Cardiac Arrest or have the time to volunteer with a foundation, there are 5 specific ways you can help spread education and prevention, and save future lives:

1. Take the Prevention Promise

Pledge to make a difference in your community and let your voice be heard for change in your area. Take Parent Heart Watch’s Prevention Promise.

By doing so, you are voicing your agreement that communities need better prevention practices to save and protect young hearts, and that you’re willing to help champion this national movement.

Parent Heart Watch, Prevention Promise

2. Get You & Your Loved One’s Heart Screened

Ensure you or your loved ones are not the next victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Check out a local preventative heart screening in your area and bring some friends. Take care of this vital step and encourage others to as well. It can be the difference between life and death.

Click here to find a screening near you. 

3. Receive CPR/AED Training

As we learned in many of these feature stories, a bystander with AED/CPR training is often the difference between life and death.

Find a local training in your area and learn these vital skills.

Click here to find a training near you.

Nick of Time Foundation, Emerg-A-Center, Sudden Cardiac Arrest

4. Support an SCA Foundation

The foundations that are a part of this series are able to continue their amazing work because of support from people like you who want to see this cause championed and lives saved.

Consider supporting one of these seventeen foundations from this series or even a foundation in your local area, and help them continue to make a difference.

Check out the list below of foundations featured in our #WhyItMatters series and consider supporting one!

5. Get an In-Home AED

Many heartbreaking stories would not even exist if there were greater public access to Automated External Defibrillators (AED) — the device that delivers the needed shock to an SCA victim’s heart. 

One common thread that has been clearly demonstrated in our features is a need for in-home AEDs. The truth is over 70% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest events happen in or around the home.

That’s a sobering statistic. But if more AEDs were made available, it’s estimated that over 40,000 lives could be saved annually.

Be the difference. 

Consider purchasing an AED for your home and help protect not only your family and friends who visit, but neighbors and those nearby in your community

Emerg-A-Center is committed to placing potentially lifesaving AEDs in the home and working to create safer homes through our products.

Our Safety Command Center can be recessed or wall-mounted in your home to provides vital safety to you and your loved ones. The Center houses a host of safety items, including an AED, and provides quick and easy access when the situation demands it.

Emerg-A-Center, AED

Or, consider our On The Go Safety Bags. Presently, SCA is the leading cause of death in student-athletes. Having an AED on hand at a soccer game, cross country meet, or other sporting events could potentially save a life.

Thank You

As we conclude, it is our sincere hope that this series has helped spread light on Sudden Cardiac Arrest and has given you a greater understanding of this growing medical crisis.

To all of the foundations who took part in this special series, THANK YOU!!

Thank you for sharing your story with us; for entrusting us with the real-life moments of your life. We have been so humbled by the opportunity to share your unique story of impaction and ways you are making a difference. Thank you for all that you do and for letting us get a glimpse of that!

Please continue to follow us on social media and this blog to learn more about how you can champion the SCA cause, along with safety tips and life hacks for your home. 

Have you enjoyed our series? Drop a comment below and let us know how this series has expanded your understanding!

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