We're people with a passion for saving lives

Who We Are

Passionate people creating home safety solutions that equip individuals to take action and save lives. We believe the home should be the safest place in someone's life.

Our Motivation

We're motivated by the needless lives lost every day to Sudden Cardiac Arrest; deaths that could be prevented if bystanders were properly equipped & trained.

Our Mission

To provide greater access to AED's and other life-saving tools in homes and across communities!

Our Story

In 2016, a group of people, passionate about saving lives, had a vision to increase preparedness and response for medical emergencies in the place where most occur….the home. Their goal was specifically preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest related deaths. Every year over 320,000 people are lost to this medical event, with 70% occurring in the home. Yet when researched, our founders found little available to prepare family and friends to respond.

The National Safety Council estimates that over 40,000 lives could be saved annually if there was greater public access to AEDs. Our founders dared to ask the question: “What greater access could there be than an AED in the home?” It just made sense.

And so the Emerg-A-Center was born.

Our Safety Command Centers were launched in January of 2017, providing immediate access to potentially life-saving tools, including a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flashlight, and most importantly, an AED. Securing a spot for the AED inside the Safety Command Center was the vital to the mission of the product.

Having an AED on hand when the unthinkable happens could be the difference between life and death, especially in the home. To better equip friends and family, they also created an Instructional Video Brochure, which provides the on-demand video training for the use of each item, as well as common safety practices.

We believe the home should be the safest place in someone’s life. And when people feel equipped and able, they respond. And when they respond, lives can be saved.

Our mission is to provide easier access to AED’s in the moment when life is on the line. That’s why we launched our second line of product, our On the Go Bags, in 2019. They bring safety to every aspect of life and help tackle emergencies when out on the sports field, job sites, or on the water.

Our motivation behind every product we make is saving the lives needlessly lost every year to Sudden Cardiac Arrest and other preventable tragedies. Their stories, their hopes, their dreams never fulfilled, are #WhyItMatters to us. And motivates to do what we do best.

We’re dedicated to providing greater access to AEDs across the country. Because we get it.

Life matters.