Your Home Should Be The Safest Place in Your Life. Period.

No one likes to feel helpless. As a society, we thrive on independence. But in an emergency situation – a small fire, a deep cut, or even cardiac arrest --- we are often left feeling just that... Helpless.

We await emergency personnel, which can take 9 minutes in a large city, but close to 30 in a rural area, all the while the minutes feel like hours in waiting. And it’s in those moments we wish we knew how to respond. Time ticks by and life often hangs in balance.

Over 80% of all accidents, big or small, occur in or around the home.

It’s our team’s mission to provide the tools and training needed to respond when the situation demands it. And equip you to feel empowered to do something, not helpless and waiting.

Our line of Safety Command Centers and On the Go Bags provide the necessary safety items to assist in responding when your loved one collapses or there’s an accident in the back yard with your kids.


Handle everything froms mall cuts & scrapes to minor injuries.

First Aid Kit | ANSI A & B

Fully equipped to handle everything from small cuts and scrapes to minor injuries, this First Aid Kit provides the necessary tools to treat an individual while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, and is both OSHA and ANSI certified, perfect for home or workplace use.

*ANSI A First Aid Kit included with Safety Command Center and Recreational On the Go Bag.
**ANSI B First Aid Kit included with Contractor and Marine On the Go Bags.

Extinguish flames from small fires in your home, on the jobsite, or out on the water!

Fire Extinguisher | Class ABC & AB

Fires can pop up anywhere and in an emergency, that fire must be extinguished safely. Both the Class ABC and AB Fire Extinguishers are lightweight and effective!

*Class ABC Fire Extinguisher standard with Safety Command Centers and Contractor On the Go Bag.
** Class AB Fire Extinguisher standard on Marine On the Go Bag.
*** Recreational On the go bag does not include a Fire Extinguisher.

Be ready to respond in the crucial moments of a cardiac arrest while waiting for EMS arrival.

Automated External Defibrillator | Philips or HeartSine AED

In the event of a cardiac arrest, an AED is the device that analyzes the heart and, if it detects a problem, it will deliver a shock to restart the heart's normal rhythm.

Our products are equipped with the choice of a Philips HeartStart OnSite or HeartSine Samaritan AED, which work as your personal coach to guide you through the process of treating Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

View on-demand training videos and increase your readiness to respond!

Instructional Video Brochure | Tablet & Charging Cable

Training is a crucial component of any system item.

The Instructional Video Brochure provides easy to follow videos feature step-by-step instruction that guide the user through the use of each item, as well as for common safety practices like CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, and the use of an Epi-Pen.

It can be used for general training purposes, as a refresher to a basic first aid class, or even as a training aid for a baby-sitter.

Stop the bleed and treat extreme injuries.

Bleeding Control Kit | Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced

Be prepared to respond to sever injuries with one of three Bleeding Control Kit, complete with everything needed to provide immediate treatment.

*Basic Bleeding Control Kit included in Recreational On the Go Bag, Intermediate in Contractor Bag, and Advanced in the Marine Bag.
**Safety Command Centers do not include Bleeding Control Kits.

Never be without light again!

Flashlight | Handheld & Lantern

Power outages leave everyone scrambling to find a light!

Select product will include a Dual Lantern, Emergency Flashlight, or a combination. The Dual Lantern has five modes including a lantern, flashlight, and red flasher, and floats in water with an auto turn-on flasher when wet. And the heand-held Emergency Flashlight gives you variable focus with a rugged metal casing.

*Dual Lantern is standard in the Recreational and Marine On the Go Bags.
**Emergency Flashlight is standard with all product.