What maintenance is required on the AED after I use it on someone?

If the AED has been used, please call Premier Storage (1-800-536-9495) so we can assist you in replacing the battery and electrode pack. Each AED comes with a data cable to extract information pertaining to the event from the AED. Please follow the instructions included in the AED manual for specific details.

Is there an ability to practice using the AED on someone without actually shocking them?

AED practice can only occur on a training unit.  Do not use the AED that came with your Emerg-A-Center for practice scenarios.

What types of pads come with the AED? (Adult, child, both?)

The Emerg-A-Center is comes standard with Adult pads. Pediatric pads can be purchased separately by contacting us.

Does the cabinet have to be recessed into the wall, or can it be fitted inside an existing cabinet?

The cabinet can be either recessed into the wall or surface mounted using our surface mount frame. Although it can be fitted into an existing cabinet, this method requires professional cabinetry skills and you should contact your carpenter for more information.

What are the dimensions of the cabinet?

Dimensions vary based on the unit customization made during the order process (with/without trim, with/without a door).  Please consult the <a href=”www.emergacenter.com/product-resources/#specs”>spec sheet</a> for further details.

I already have an AED. Can you retrofit my existing devise, or do I have to buy the AED that comes with it?

The cabinet housing is customized to fit the HeartSine AED and is not able to be retrofitted to fit an alternate AED.

Can the tablet be used for anything other than watching the loaded videos? Does it have internet access?

The instructional video brochure tablet is programmed for viewing the loaded safety videos ONLY and does not have internet or Bluetooth capabilities. It is not designed to be used for purposes outside safety video viewing.

I already have each of the components included in the EAC cabinet, but love the idea. Can I just purchase the tablet and the cabinet?

Yes, provided each item is the specific component that the Emerg-A-Center houses.   Contact Premier Storage to speak with a representative.

How do I recharge the fire extinguisher if it’s used?

To recharge your fire extinguisher, take it to your local fire station or service shop.

Does the Emerg-A-Center require power/electricity? If not, how does the tablet stay charged?

The EAC does not require an electrical hookup. A charging cable is provided for the instructional video tablet to ensure proper charging.

I see that the Emerg-A-Center video reviews CPR and AED usage. What other topics are covered?

In addition to CPR and AED usage, the instructional video brochure covers the usage of a fire extinguisher, Epi-Pen, and the Heimlich maneuver as well as an overview of the cabinet and its components.

If I opt to mount my Emerg-A-Center on my wall, how far will it stick out?

The cabinet will extend 6” into the room when surface mounted.

The Emerg-A-Center on your website hinges on the right side. Is it possible to have it hinge on the left?

Yes. Your Emerg-A-Center can be hinged on either side.

What finishes are available for the cabinet door?

The door of your EAC is available with an unfinished flat maple or raised panel maple door. Either door can be stained or painted to match your décor. A thermafoil raised panel white door is also available.

Is a warranty offered for each of the Emerg-A-Center components? If so, does it cost extra?

Premier Storage Systems places a one-year limited warranty on all defective parts related to the cabinet, housing, frame, or door of the unit, excluding customer painted/stained doors and installed units. In addition, the manufacturers of the AED and fire extinguisher have placed their own warranties on these items, which are included at no cost.

I’ve misplaced the charging cord for the video tablet. Can I order a replacement?

No. However, any standard micro USB cable can be used for recharging your instructional video brochure.

What is the estimated battery life on the flashlight?

The Duracell LED flashlight provides continuous light for 1hr 30mins on HIGH or 7hrs continuous light on LOW.



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Built-In Kitchen Storage Cabinet, Home Emergency Preparedness Kits with AED, Storage Solutions, Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards, Home & Office Storage Ideas

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Built-In Kitchen Storage Cabinet, Home Emergency Preparedness Kits with AED, Storage Solutions, Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards, Home & Office Storage Ideas

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