How to pick a mounting height for your Safety Command Center

Choosing a mounting height for your new Emerg-A-Center Safety Command takes additional safety and reach into consideration. To ensure the safety items are accessible in an emergency, the mounting height must allow items to be easily reached without much struggle.

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You want to ensure that the items are reachable at a moment’s notice, but also that they are not tampered with by curious little hands.

To calculate this, follow these steps.

1. Determine adequate reach height of AED

The AED is the highest mounted item in the cabinet. The AED stores approximately 25” from the bottom of the cabinet edge.

With this is mind, determine how high off the floor you can mount the cabinet that allows the AED to still be easily reached in an emergency.

We recommend an AED reach height of 36” for an average height person.

Mounting height for first aid cabinet; Emerg-A-Center Safety Command Center

2. Use AED height to find mounting height

Subtract 24” from the AED reach height to determine the mounting height for the bottom of the cabinet

Or, use our chart below.

Mounting height for safety command centers

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